Strange food combo

A stunned man has shared a photograph of a breakfast joining two nourishments presumably best eaten independently.

Jeffery Russell shared on Reddit a snap of a curious mean comprising of cut hard-bubbled egg and bits of banana. Egg. What’s more, banana.

The egg has been bubbled for quite a while, to such an extent that the yolk has begun to disintegrate and blend with the soggy sweetness of the organic product. There’s additionally proof of dark circles within the white of the egg, which is best stayed away from.

The banana looks fine. Impeccably ready, indeed. Be that as it may, at that point it is in a bowl of bubbled egg.

Since Jeffery posted the photograph, it’s since been a theme of interest. We don’t know where, precisely, the photograph was taken, or who the individual is eating, yet we’ve inquired.

Given general society reaction, we envision the proprietor of the dish will be reluctant to possess up, in any case. A great many people appear spurned at mixing flavorful, elusive eggs with delicate, sugary banana. It can’t taste decent, without a doubt?

However nutritious it might be. Lemongrade calls attention to: “I mean it’s an entirely solid feast I presume. Net beyond any doubt. Be that as it may, hard bubbled eggs and banana is nutritious.”

One analyst stated: “Hard-bubbled eggs, great. Bananas, great. Hard-bubbled eggs and bananas in a bowl, I’d be scrutinizing my life decisions”.

Someone else said the dish helped them to remember Rachel’s acclaimed play on Friends. It was an odd blend of cabin pie, custard and cream.

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