Prank on the next house owner

It’s January. It’s frosty, hopeless and nobody has any cash.

So who can point the finger at Carl Betson for perking himself up with a little trick on the following inhabitants of his home?

Particularly when it cost him just £2.

While Carl may never get see the his rewards for all the hard work, hiding under some decking he’s right now putting down, he shared his work on Facebook for whatever is left of us to see.

What’s more, we’re thankful to him for it.

With shades of the scandalous ‘body under the porch’ Brookside plot, Carl acquired a (phony) skeleton from B&M Bargains and laid it rest under his decking.

“This will be sooooo entertaining in around 30 years time when the following person replaces the decking I’m doing today.

“You can’t beat a £2 B&M deal.”

To be sure, you can’t.

Carl’s joy turned out to be infectious, and immediately earned himself a multitude of fans.

A lot of individuals were kicking themselves for considering accomplishing something like this previously, however not every person was a fanatic of Carl’s work.

“Will be clever when a huge number of [pounds] of citizens’ money is squandered on a measurable examination when it could have been spent sparing lives…” one man called attention to.

It’s not an invalid point, to be reasonable.

All things considered, we trust whoever in the end discovers it has a comical inclination.

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