19 Weirdly Brilliant Deodorant Hacks That Aren’t Just For Armpits

  Nothing makes us self-conscious quite like smelly, sweaty armpits. Luckily, products like antiperspirants and deodorants are sufficient tools in fighting the pungent odors and the yellow stains on our clothing that normally come with sweaty pits. But believe it or not, deodorant and antiperspirants don’t need to be relegated solely to pit duty. In […]


Blogger gets big bill for her publicity

A week ago, bistro and inn proprietor Paul Stenson distributed a demand for a free stay he had gotten from a sensibly understood YouTube blogger. Paul Stenson, who claims the White Moose Cafe and the Charleville Lodge Hotel in Dublin, disclosed his hate for ‘web-based social networking influencers’ and shared on Facebook a message from […]


Bar bans customers for saying “literally”

A banish has actually restricted clients from utilizing the word ‘truly’ in an offer to subdue the ascent of ‘Kardashianism’. Utilization of the word has ascended lately, especially among more youthful ages. Punctuation pendants rush to air their sicken. Nowadays, truly is regularly utilized as a bolster word, and touched base on the scene all […]