Here’s How You Can Control Your Dreams With A Verified Technique

We spend a third of our lives asleep, so it’s safe to say that dreams make up a large portion of our lives. Dreaming, however, is different for everyone. Some people are plagued by nightmares, some don’t remember their dreams at all, and a small number are even able to control their dreams. Those who […]


10 + Times People Were Caught Living In 3018 While We Still Live In 2018

There has always been a fascination with the future. It’s been the premise of movies, T.V shows and songs. In some of our imaginations the future is a Jetsons-style utopia with flying cars or if you are the Jonas Brothers, not much has changed but we live underwater. Most of have experienced multiple new inventions […]


Women Sues NASA to Maintain Ownership of Moon Dust

NASA hasn’t come for her moon dust yet, but Laura Cicco is ready for it. In a lawsuit filed against the space agency last week, Cicco asserts her lawful ownership of the vial of grey dust, which an expert cited in court documents state “may have originated” on the moon. According to Cicco’s lawsuit, the vial was […]


Cat climbs on bin and KNOCKS on door to be let in

This cat might just be the most polite pet in the world… A driver was left stunned when he saw the ginger moggy climb up a dustbin and use its paw to lift the door knocker – as if asking to be allowed inside the house. Motorist Dan Richardson spotted the ingenious feline outside a […]