19 Weirdly Brilliant Deodorant Hacks That Aren’t Just For Armpits


Nothing makes us self-conscious quite like smelly, sweaty armpits. Luckily, products like antiperspirants and deodorants are sufficient tools in fighting the pungent odors and the yellow stains on our clothing that normally come with sweaty pits. But believe it or not, deodorant and antiperspirants don’t need to be relegated solely to pit duty.

In fact, with a few tweaks, these products can do so much more than keep your pits smellin’ good. Who knew that the solution to all of your sweat- and smell-related problems would be hiding at the bottom of your gym bag?

Most people use deodorant for their armpits, but did you know there are a ton of other uses for your favorite roll-on? First things first, though: there is a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Confusing the two can produce the opposite effect—and render these hacks useless.


Deodorant is a cosmetic product designed to kill the smelly bacteria in sweat that causes body odor. Antiperspirant, meanwhile, is a drug. It alters your skin and pores, stopping you from sweating at all. Got it? Great! Now, here are some unexpected ways to use these handy items…


2. Some acne is caused by the powders and substances in deodorants and antiperspirants, but antiperspirants could be the solution to unseemly pimples, too. An unscented brand without aluminum can dry out your zits and banish ’em for good.


4. Deodorant works so well for chafing that you might notice long-distance runners using this trick, too. Besides their arms and legs, they need it on their chests due to the constant rub of sports bras or tight shirts. A simple swipe of deodorant across the area can keep everything sliding friction-free!

5. You can also use it on sensitive areas that are prone to razor burn—those itchy red bumps that pop up after a close shave. Unscented deodorant will help prevent any chafing or friction in the area, letting the burn heal without getting worse.


7. Sweaty palms are a surefire way to ruin what could’ve been a solid job interview. Unfortunately, nerves just can’t be helped. Antiperspirant will dry out those palms and help you establish a confident grip!

8. If your closet smells like a decaying old skeleton, a stick of deodorant can help you out. Leave it uncapped on a shelf or on the floor, and in just a few hours, any musty smells will be gone.

9. Do you suffer from smelly feet? A few swipes of deodorant on your piggies will have them smelling as crisp as a stroll through a flower garden. Just apply a little deodorant to bottom of your feet before sliding on your shoes or when you hit the hay! Speaking of feet…

10. New, unbroken shoes can give you heel blisters that hurt like the dickens—ouch! A little deodorant on your heels, though, will ease the friction and prevent any nasty gashes from forming in the first place.


12. On particularly hot and sunny days, sweat can cause your glasses to slide down the bridge of your nose. Pushing up your frames can become a hassle! Thankfully, antiperspirant on your nose should stop the slide.

13. Sweaty skin, whether the result of stage lights or a sunshiny day, can send makeup running down your face. A little antiperspirant will help here, too! Apply some to the chin, nose, and forehead to help keep your look fresh.

14. When you’re running late to work and have to decide between a shower, a breakfast, or being on time, let antiperspirant be the answer to your dilemma. Rub it into your hair to soak up any oils and sweat for a shower substitute.

15. Some people just have oily faces—it happens! But if you want to make sure your coworkers can’t see the reflection of the overhead lights in your forehead from a cross the room, put a little antiperspirant on your forehead and cheeks.


17. Avoid staining your favorite shirt, dress, or blouse with heinous sweat streaks with a preemptive strike. A line of antiperspirant down your back will fend off any awkward back stains on warm days.

18. Pulling tight pants over your thighs can feel like exercise in its own right. Shimmy, shake, huzzah! To prevent the morning dance routine, use deodorant like butter and lubricate your thighs with a bit of it. Get your pants on and smell good!


Which of these tips will you try? Essentially, you can cover your entire body in deodorant and antiperspirant to never feel sweaty discomfort again!

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